“Brainstorm”, first performed only three years ago at the National Theatre in London, was brought to the Caccia studio by JDN. With a 1-Act-Only production, the audience was delighted by this modern drama; one of the more interactive plays the school has put on.

This theatrical piece was indeed a suitable choice not only for the Etonians themselves, but also the parents and adults who came. It was fascinating to see how the adolescent brain is interpreted by the youths, and why they are designed to be as they are through evolution. The older members of the audience got an insight into how they think and why, while the younger members had the chance to see their reality being portrayed. More importantly, though, the play portrays the message that it is also about the adults, almost as much as the children: The fact that every adult part is acted by a teenager truly reveals the prevalent theme of the youth-desired empathy from the adults in the play.

The unembellished honesty of the play is evident throughout; the distinctive, factual anecdotes from each character that made us giggle, the role of the game of ‘never-have-I-ever’ broke the ice with the audience, the WhatsApp chat that gave us yet another insight into their lives – they make us want to return to our childhood days, and stay there, reminding us of what it was like at that time.

A play that was full of energy, humour and sincerity – ‘Brainstorm’ was yet another spectacular production by Mr Newton’s House.

Nathan Swidler

Photos: Jasper Sodha