This week Ent Soc hosted Peter Kenyon, former CEO of both Manchester United and Chelsea, who provided a fascinating insight into the mechanisms of football management.

Mr Kenyon began by speaking about his work at Umbro, explaining how he had helped to build up the supplier on the world stage. He noted that Brazil has never won the World Cup without sporting Umbro as their sponsor!

Building up clubs is, without a doubt, his speciality. Indeed, he transformed both Manchester United and Chelsea into highly successful clubs, both in the English football pyramid and on the world stage.

He also spoke about his current passion, ‘The Coaches’ Voice’, an online platform he founded for leading football coaches to share their career stories, philosophies and tactics.

Finally, after a flurry of questions from the audience, he was asked about his recent efforts to buy Newcastle. He explained that the Magpies have the potential to become a top six side, and that the area needs reinvigoration. This could be done through ambition and investment from a potential new owner, which he emphasised is central to the success of a club.

It was an informative and enjoyable evening for all those in attendance, in fact Mr Kenyon joked that more people were there than when he was at Bolton on Tuesday night! Boys commented afterwards that it was a brilliant journey through the business of football, and we thank him for letting us travel with him.