On the evening of Tuesday, 7th May, four teams of boys from E and F Block presented their proposals for the Social Impact Challenge. In order to win and for their chosen charity to be supported by Eton Action next academic year, they were tasked with explaining why this cause was important, how the charity works towards this cause, and how they themselves have engaged with this charity.

The judges were Mrs Ali Henderson, Mrs Janet Walker, Vernon Li (DWG), Ivan Beylin (JDM), and Enrique de Guzman Ochoa (DWG). Each team was given 5 minutes to present a summary of their proposal, and 5 minutes were dedicated to a detailed Q&A session.

First, Zain Ahmed, Radu Manolescu, Ollie How, Jake Bale, and Thomas John from Farrer House presented about their work with Rwanda Aid, a charity that aims to provide education and employment to disadvantaged people in the remote southwest region of Rwanda. Next, Caspar Tyser (MGHM) and Ludo Mazzocchi (HWTA) shared about their experiences with raising £290 for the Everest Centre, a charity that funds research into the treatment of brain tumours.

Third, Rufus Davies, Harry de Ferry Foster, Louis James, Krystian Shanahan, and Ashley Luo from Farrer House discussed the importance of supporting Educate for Life, which creates sustainable education for members of the Bakhel community in India. Finally, Finn, Ruari, and Jago Catherwood Smith from Walpole House detailed their time spent in Kolkata with The Hope Foundation, which provides street children with support, education, meals, and housing to enable them to lift themselves out of poverty.

After much deliberation, the runner-up was Educate for Life, and the winning charity was The Hope Foundation. Educate for Life will receive £100 from the school, whilst The Hope Foundation will be the fifth charity Eton Action will raise funds for next academic year (2019-2020).

Thank you to all the participants and the judges for all of their hard work!

Misha Mehta