On Monday 12th November, the Sports Society hosted David Jones in the Jafar Hall. The Secretaries, William Stonebridge and Caspar de Wesselow, interviewed Mr. Jones, delving into his childhood up to his work now as Sky Sports Football’s lead presenter.

The evening kicked off with the story of how David Jones got into the world of presenting sports. The audience heard about how his love of acting and public speaking got him into journalism and the Derbyshire Times. A series of engaging questions from our two hosts led him to his current role at Sky and how he manages to consistently provide such excellent shows on Sky’s Monday Night Football as the main presenter: he spoke of the need to balance rehearsing his video analysis with maintaining a flowing conversation with the rest of the panel.

As the evening drew to its close, Will and Caspar handed the questions to the floor and a fascinating Q&A followed. A plethora of questions covered Mr. Jones’s opinion on Premier League teams, his favourite people to have on the panel and, most importantly, his least favourites. His sharp and witty answers to the boys’ many questions then brought the evening to a close.

Ali Soufraki