The Junior Keynes Prize is a competition that is open to all pupils in their first three years at Eton and aims to encourage and extend economic understanding.

Originally launched as the Lower Boy Economics Prize in 2013, it was subsequently rebranded as the Junior Keynes Prize in 2018 and is awarded annually for an essay of up to 1,000 words on any economic topic chosen by the author. The most successful entries are typically published on Etonomics, the school’s online economics magazine, providing a further incentive to enter the prize!

This year, boys across Years 9 to 11 submitted entries, with topics ranging from the Texan electricity market to the economics of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This year’s winner was Sean T, who wrote about ASEAN, an economic union of 10 Southeast Asian nations. He told the Press Office about his experience:

Competing in the Junior Keynes Prize gives you the freedom to research anything on economics that fascinates you, and the knowledge which you obtain will be indispensable for your academic career moving forward.

Credit must be given not only to all the boys who entered this prestigious prize, but also to Mr Bahr, Head of Economics, for organising and running the competition.