Last week the Political Society were lucky to host Condoleezza Rice. Currently Director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Secretary Rice has had a ground-breaking career in American politics, serving as the first female National Security Advisor before she became the first Black woman to serve as Secretary of State under George W. Bush. Her incredible career and political charisma was clear to the virtual audience during her Q&A style talk.

The first few questions posed to Secretary Rice centred on foreign policy. From Russia ‘in decline’ to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, she was optimistic about the possibility of long-term global peace and stability, maintaining that the US have an important role to play in maximising democracy and in the world.

Responding to a question on the future direction of the Republican Party, Secretary Rice urged us to avoid making sweeping generalisations. The audience did enjoy an anecdote about one of the party’s most famous representatives, when Secretary Rice remembered conducting policy discussions with George and Laura Bush in their pyjamas! A final question about the treatment of minority communities in America was met with a distinct answer, that Secretary Rice would rather be ‘ignored than patronised’.

Last Wednesday evening was a wonderful opportunity for pupils from Eton and partner schools to hear from an inspiring woman, for which we cannot thank Secretary Rice enough.