Rackets has flourished this year, both in singles and doubles. After a number of successful results in the Public Schools Singles Championships, including U16 winner Toni Morales (MJP), U15 runner up Rory Giddins (RDO-C), U16 runner up Charlie Braham (NCWS) and Renny cup finalist Matt Brooks (RDO-C), the start of term has brought with it some fantastic doubles play. Our first pair, Matt Brooks and Toni Morales have been in fine form, dispatching both Marlborough and Harrow in closely fought, competitive matches. They are on track for a high seeding in the Doubles Championship. Our strength in depth is shown by our second pair, who haven't dropped a match this term, combining the deadly power of Henry Hall's (WFM) serve with the subtle finesse of George Loup's (RDO-C) drop shot. Our U15 pair of Giddins and Nixon (RDO-C) are looking like favourites to win the Public Schools U15 Doubles, having demolished their Wellington rivals in a storming three sets. The U14’s have had some fine results and the new some rising talents promise great things in years to come.

Popplewell (MJP)