Last week the Social Impact Society was fortunate to welcome Ellie Orton to the virtual stage. Ellie has collaborated with many charitable organisations, and as CEO of NHS Charities Together now oversees the legal spending body which supports 241 individual groups within the NHS.

The wonderful work of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore brought the NHS and its associated charities into the spotlight. Interestingly, the history of NHS Charities Together is surprisingly unfamiliar to many in the UK, with a survey determining that 2/3 of UK adults were unaware of the body’s existence before the COVID-19 pandemic. Ellie helped kickstart a new vision in 2019, to ensure its ability to provide nationwide ‘fundraising and advocacy campaigns; specialist advice and guidance; bespoke conferences and training opportunities, access to online resources and support through exclusive member pages on our website.’

Whether for medical research, mental health programmes or ambulance services, both government and public funding drive the development of this fundamental healthcare union. In light of the Coronavirus crisis, Ellie explained the renewed focus on improving staff wellbeing too.

We would like to thank Ellie for her fascinating talk, and all key workers for their dedication and compassion over this last year.   

You can learn more about NHS Charities Together here –