The 2022 TVLP Model United Nations conference, the first in-person MUN conference since before COVID, proved an apt opportunity for the Eton delegation to prove their mettle in debating challenging issues facing world leaders today through the lens of various mock UN committees. The event was kindly hosted by St Mary’s Ascot, and was attended by students from Beechwood School, Holyport College, Slough & Eton C of E Business & Enterprise College, St Joseph’s Catholic High School, The Windsor Boys’ School, Windsor Girls’ School as well as delegates from St Mary’s Ascot and Eton College.

Three UN committees were represented at this event. The first, being the Human Rights committee, debated the topic of gay marriage and the right to adoption. This committee entertained a productive debate in which the Eton delegation, made up of Dev K, Charlie H and Ben P, made impactful contributions to what was quite a fiery discussion. The second was the SOCHUM committee, who discussed the topic of health and reproductive rights of women and enjoyed a spirited debate. While the resolution ultimately failed to pass, Alastair T, Tristan M and Jai S made adamant contributions which, in many cases, dramatically shifted the balance of the debate. The third committee present was the CTSD – who was tasked with discussing equitable access to cancer research. This was a particularly challenging debate which very much put the Eton delegation of Leo W and Arlo G to the test. They discussed complicated means of scientific research to combat one of the largest medical concerns at the forefront of issues facing scientists today.

The debates and conversations held were riveting and fruitful.

Slough & Eton C of E Business & Enterprise College student.

On top of this, all of the delegates gathered after the events of the three committees to simulate a mock crisis meeting in the General Assembly. The Eton delegation engaged in a vigorous debate on a supposed humanitarian crisis caused by a gigantic oil spill by an American tanker, hailing from Alaska, off the coast of northern Russia. The combined delegation of the UAE (Leo B, Dev K, Alastair T and Leo W) secured an award for their participation in the mock crisis meeting. Following this, the delegation of Argentina (Jai S, Tod M, Charlie H and Arlo G) achieved the prized award for Best Delegation.

The Eton delegation would like to thank St. Mary’s Ascot for hosting the event, and Melany-Lu Lin for helping to organise the conference. We all benefitted greatly from the experience.

I loved the unity, collaboration and freedom to move around and discuss.

St Joseph’s Catholic High School.