A wet, grim day turns out to be a good day for the Eton blues

Eton U16As: 6 Westminster U16As: 0

The match started off with a shaky performance from the Eton U16 A team, partially due to the slippery ground. However, very soon, the team regained its form and began to dominate the game. The first goal came from A. Lyon, the Eton striker, when he beat the goalkeeper to a loose ball. After the first goal, the game entered into a lock phase. Eton constantly brought the ball up to the opposition penalty box with D. Davis taking a shot saved by the goalkeeper. The Westminster side countered with fairly good chances from corners. While Eton played possession football in the midfield and used the pace of their wingers, the away team left two forwards up front and sent the ball down to them, with the rest of their players focusing on defence. Despite Westminster’s defensive approach, Eton produced dangerous moments which they failed to convert into goals.

The game seemed to be generally one-sided. F. Chambers and C. Courtenay were safely in control of the midfield, and D. Davis looked unstoppable when he was in possession. Meanwhile, H. Miller-Stirling hit the crossbar after a great through ball from D. Davis, and D. Davis himself had a one-on-one chance, which the opposition goalkeeper brilliantly saved. The second goal also came from A. Lyon who calmly slotted in a penalty won by D. Davis to the bottom right corner. Having conceded two goals, Westminster looked to attack, but was constantly blocked out by Eton’s tough defence.

After a rainy half-time break, Eton cruised along. The coach substituted 4 players J. Chung, J. Langen, H. Short and J. Hauer-King for W. Pearce, J. Curry, A. Garvin and H. Miller-Stirling. The strong Eton side began to tighten the opposition defence, and the third goal came from J. Langen who easily finished a perfect low cross from J. Chung. The away team, even though they were three goals down, were not able to send the ball up to Eton’s half often, managing only few inaccurate long shots. H. Miller-Stirling was back on the pitch for injured D. Davis, and he scored a magnificent volley from just outside the penalty box, smashing it into the left bottom corner. Despite the 4-0 score-line, Eton continued to attack. Westminster looked helpless. The game finished 6-0, with additional goals from A. Lyon who completed his hat-trick, assisted by J. Langen, and J. Bullman who powerfully headed in from a superb free-kick taken by H. Miller-Stirling.

Ricky Won