Last week the CEO of One Planet Living, Pooran Desai, came to talk to the Environmental Society about sustainable resource use.

Opening with his 30 year career in sustainability, Pooran described how he has helped companies such as B&Q to implement environmentally-conscious strategies, and also was involved in designing the sustainable extension to Disneyland Paris.

Whilst stressing the importance of the individual in using our planet sustainably (e.g. by using car-sharing schemes), Pooran emphasised the importance of looking at the bigger picture, and how a radical change to a carbon-free economy is required. As he chillingly put it “if everyone on earth lived like the average European, we would need three planets to support us.” Moreover, he revealed that unless we change course drastically, the earth will soon only be able to support 0.5 to 1.0 billion people – underlining the importance of dealing with the climate crisis now.

I would like to personally thank Pooran Desai for his engaging and informative talk on the need to ‘regenerate’ planet Earth.