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Debating Society:
F Block Balloon Debate

The Debating Society’s final meeting of a successful half packed out the Marten Library, with a predominantly F Block audience, to decide who has been the best Old Etonian of all time. The debaters were all F Blockers who had been recruited by a Debating Society committee member who helped to prepare their argument. The candidates ranged from George Orwell to Hugh Laurie and included the less well known Captain Julian Gribble, whose heroic actions in the First World War were an interesting cameo to such well known figures as Keynes. The quality of debating from all the F Block involved was exceptional and surprised the audience in their humour and particularly their ability to think on their feet. Such mature performances from young debaters made the evening’s balloon debate an excellent competition. The round where they criticised each other's characters was a highlight, Boris Johnson’s representative putting in a fittingly humorous and offensive performance. The final left Boris and Hugh Laurie in the balloon (the audience having dismissed Keynes, Orwell, Wellington and Gribble as credible candidates for the greatest OE of all time) and Hugh Laurie eventually prevailed. The evening showed the strength of Eton’s young debaters who certainly entertained the audience, who will have felt it was another evening well spent with the rejuvenated Debating Society.

Charlie Gardiner-Hill (MJP)

DATE POSTED: 25 November 2009

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