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The Provost and Vice-Provost

The College Statutes set out the constitution of the College and the composition of its Governing Body.  "The Foundation of the College shall consist of the Provost and Fellows (one of whom shall be Vice-Provost), the Head Master, the Lower Master, the Bursar, the Master in College, the Conduct, the Precentor and the King's Scholars." "The Governing Body of the College shall comprise the Provost and Fellows of the College".

The Statutes go on to provide that the Provost is a Crown appointment.  The Vice-Provost is elected by the Provost and Fellows and is normally a master or former master.  The Provost attends to the good government of the college and exercises a general superintendence over the property and affairs of the college.  The Vice-Provost has the same duties under the Provost, taking care that all persons concerned in the administration or service of the college conform to the Charter, Statutes and Regulations.

The Provost is Lord Waldegrave of North Hill, a former scholar of Eton and Oxford with a wide-ranging academic, political and business background. He is a Distinguished Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.  Between 1990 and 1997 he held the Cabinet posts of Secretary of State for Health, Secretary of State for Agriculture, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Chief Secretary to the Treasury. He is a director of a number of companies.

The Vice-Provost, Andrew Gailey, has taught in the history department at Eton College since 1981 and was a house master from 1993 to 2006. A graduate of both St Andrews and Cambridge, he is the author of numerous studies of Anglo-Irish relations in the 19th and 20th centuries, with a particular research interest in constructive unionism. His most recent book is a biography of the 1st Marquess Dufferin and Ava, The Lost Imperialist: Lord Dufferin, Memory and Mythmaking in an Age of Celebrity, which was published in early 2015. As well as being a fellow of Eton, he is a governor of three other schools and a trustee on charitable bodies including the Dufferin Foundation.