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Eton boys are shaped in lasting ways by the experiences they have both inside and outside the schoolroom. The College aspires to foster confidence, embrace creativity, encourage teamwork, and promote an outward-looking mentality so that pupils learn to play an active role within their community.

Philanthropy is critical in enriching the boys’ experience and maintaining the extensive calendar and facilities needed to develop their talents, interests, and character.

While academic study is important, much of what makes Eton such an extraordinary place is the wealth of opportunity offered to pupils — extensive society programmes, debating competitions, sports and athletics, or community service, to name a few. The breadth of activities inspires every boy to discover his unique passions.

Philanthropy is critical to enriching the boys’ experiences and maintaining the extensive calendar and facilities needed to develop their talents, interests, and character.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Since the renovations of Queen’s Schools, Eton has formed a collaboration with the Saïd Foundation that ties the development of a STEM programme at Eton to their generous donation. The programme offers boys the opportunity to undertake scientific projects that go beyond the scope of the curriculum. These are supported by the extensive research experience of Eton Masters and the state-of-the-art facilities in Queen’s Schools along with those in the design, mathematics, and computer science departments.

STEM education will culminate in projects where boys work in teams to tackle real world problems. The STEM Centre will act as a focal point for their work by providing a space for team meetings, seminars to fellow pupils and Masters, or simply a space to relax between schools. This is neither a lab nor a library, but a multi-disciplinary space that can be configured for individual work, group discussions, and seminars.

It is an exciting time for science during the fourth industrial revolution of connected and automated technologies and Eton’s STEM programme equips pupils with the requisite skills to become future leaders in science.

We are grateful to the Saïd Foundation for their generous donation and their investment in the future of Eton’s STEM strategy.