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Access - Scholarships and Bursaries

2013/14 Academic Year Report

Eton’s central purpose is the provision of education. The Provost and Fellows are committed to the provision of scholarships and bursaries designed to widen access to the education that Eton provides. Scholarships are fee reductions of up to 10% awarded through competition on academic or musical merit, and bursaries are fee reductions awarded according to financial need. Assessments of financial need are made through detailed annual means tests.

Scholarships were awarded to 144 boys. King’s Scholarships are awarded on academic promise and Music Scholarships on musical promise; both provide a 10% reduction in the school fee and are supplemented by bursaries according to need up to full fees if this is necessary to let a boy take up his place. Junior Scholars, Sixth Form Scholars and New Foundation Scholars, all of whom are boys from state schools, pay only what their families can afford.

As well as those that may be added to scholarships, bursaries are available to boys who would not otherwise be able to afford to come to Eton or (if circumstances change) stay at the school. The number of boys with bursaries (excluding those bursaries associated with scholarships) was 130. 

We have a dedicated full-time Admissions Access Adviser whose role is to identify potential scholarship candidates who have the ability, but not the financial means, to come to Eton.  Our Access Adviser works hard to communicate the possibility of an Eton education to families who would not previously consider it possible to send a boy to Eton. The school liaises effectively with the state sector (particularly state secondary schools without sixth forms) to identify potential candidates for the New Foundation and Sixth Form scholarships.

In addition, we are working with other organisations to develop innovative scholarship and bursary schemes. In particular we have worked with Liverpool Hope Opportunity Trust (established by Liverpool Hope University and Sanctuary Housing) to identify another academically able boy from a postal area associated with families on low incomes to join Eton in September 2014 on a Sixth Form Scholarship.  It is anticipated this scheme will continue in future. We are also working with Springboard, a new charity established to fund bursaries at independent schools.