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Bekynton Field Development



Birley Schools, originally designed as science laboratories in 1963, have outlived their useful life and are not very well suited for teaching modern languages (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). 

The School are now replacing this building with purpose-built schoolrooms including much needed accommodation for Divinity and Economics & Politics, which have previously occupied a number of dispersed sites including temporary (1989) portacabins.

Etonians leave the school with an understanding of the broader world and the subjects housed in the proposed development are critical components of the Eton curriculum.


On the fourth side there will be a new Lecture and Debating Hall, incorporating an exhibition space which will enable the school to display the Myers Collection when it returns from Johns Hopkins and Birmingham Universities, where it is presently on loan. The design will be neoclassical, by John Simpson, amongst whose best known building is The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace. Thankfully very few buildings at Eton need to be replaced, but where this is necessary the intention is to construct facilities that will last for generations. The cost of the project will be £19 million. With donations from the Eton Campaign and the careful business management within the school, it is hoped that this project can be completed within the next couple of years.    


Giving Back

Every gift matters. Regular donations can add up quickly and benefit from favourable tax treatment. The 1440 Society, recognising donors of £100 a month (or an annual equivalent) is a case in point.


Special recognition can be provided for donations between £50,000 and £10 million. For more information please contact the Development Office, details below.

Renewing Eton

The school has a comprehensive plan to renew and conserve its buildings, grounds and Collections. Schoolrooms, houses, historic buildings and sports facilities will all benefit. The necessary work will cost upwards of £60 million over the next 10 years. Please click on the PDF below.

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To make a donation to this project please complete and return a donation form or click on the icon below to make a gift online.

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