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The Eton College Collections

Since its foundation in 1440 Eton College has gathered an extraordinary collection of rare books, manuscripts, artefacts and documents, paintings and drawings, historic photographs, silver and natural history. 

The Eton College Collections possess a special character because they are a reflection of school life over the centuries and of the contributions made by individuals with their own enthusiasms and interests.   

All of the Collections play a part in the everyday life of the school. They are used extensively in teaching and many boys also volunteer to help with research, events and outreach work. We also have a valued group of volunteers from outside the school, of all ages and interests.

Students, researchers and enthusiasts regularly utilise our Collections. These range from university academics to local primary school pupils; interest groups to individuals. We also have a thriving Friends of the Eton College Collections association.

Objects go out to classrooms in the area and on loan to museums and galleries around the UK and overseas. They are also regularly available to see within Eton, in a variety of exhibition spaces. There is also an online catalogue, which is free to use.

Every day the Collections continue to change and develop, alongside school life. They are a record of Eton’s past, but also a vital part of its future and we are working to ensure they continue to enthuse and inspire.