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Eton Action

Eton Action is an independent charity conceived and founded by Etonians to promote charitable activity and social responsibility among boys. It is still run primarily by boys: House representatives elect an executive committee which governs the charity under the guidance of the chairman, secretary and treasurer, who are masters. Trustees are drawn from current senior masters and former masters.

The activities of Eton Action consist primarily in raising money for other charities. The year’s main fundraising event is the community fair, which takes place on the third Saturday in September throughout the college. A small charge is made for entry to the precincts, and there are sales of bric-a-brac, jumble and books. Individual boys’ houses also run a variety of activities, which have in the past included cream teas, tours of the college, musical entertainments, and even a bouncy castle. The income from all these events is pooled and divided between charitable foundations and projects chosen by the committee and voted on by every boy in the school. In addition, external charities set up stalls which enable them to raise money for their own good causes.

A second annual fundraising activity is the Eton Action ‘mufti day’, on which boys and masters pay a small fee to attend school in informal dress. Once every two or three years there is another large-scale event; Recent examples have included a swimathon, a squashathon and an organathon.

Charities seeking Eton Action’s financial support must apply in writing (email is not an acceptable substitute) to the treasurer, including details of their annual accounts. Confirmation will be sent only to successful applicants.

The contact address is: The Treasurer, Eton Action, Eton College, Windsor, Berks, SL4  6DW.


Further information about Eton Action can be found on the Charities Commission website.