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New Foundation Scholarships

Eton offers up to four scholarships for boys who have been educated in the UK maintained (state) sector for at least years 6, 7 and 8 of their schooling up to age 13. These scholarships are aimed in particular at boys who would not be able to attend Eton without very substantial financial assistance (in certain cases, full assistance may be given), and who are not in a position to prepare easily for the King’s Scholarship. The intellectual standard expected is very high and comparable with the King's Scholarship, but the emphasis in the New Foundation Scholarship is even more fully on potential rather than knowledge.

The scholarships are awarded after examination and interview. Round I of the testing enables us to identify boys who are potentially academic high-flyers, ideally also with other talents to be developed in sport or in the arts, and with the personality to adapt successfully to the life of a boarding community. Round II involves examinations which are based on the National Curriculum with compulsory papers in English, maths and science. In addition, there will be a general academic interview, the emphasis of which can be determined to a certain degree by the candidate himself. 

Sample papers will not be available.

Eligibility : applicants will normally be in year 8, the school year in which their 13th birthday falls. A boy who will be 14 before September 1st is too old to enter. Please note that a boy who has sat the New Foundation Scholarship and not been successful is not then eligible to sit the King’s Scholarship.

There will be an Open Afternoon in early November, followed by initial assessments (Round I) which will be offered on dates in November and early December. Boys who are shortlisted will be invited to take part in the scholarship examinations (Round II) which will take place over a three-day period in late January and involve a two-night stay in a boarding house at Eton. Results will be made known and places offered in mid-February for entry the following September.

Further information and application details are available from the Admissions Office.