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The Ramblers Fund

With the exception of rowing, cricket is the most expensive sport to run. With 25 active teams and 25 pitches, the demand on the school is high. 

The Ramblers Fund has been established to help ensure the future success and quality of cricket at Eton. Aims include contributing towards the upkeep and improvement of Eton’s cricket grounds, equipment and facilities; the provision of additional expert coaching; as well as improvements to the pavilions, including the restoration of the Beehive and provision of storage facilities for the new equipment at Agars.

The Ramblers Fund has recently made major commitments towards the irrigation of the Upper Club pitch, new nets at Upper Club on the Triangle as well as additional lower boy coaching and equipment.
The aim is to raise a capital sum of £500,000 with a further £20,000 per annum by way of annual donations. 
Major Schemes:
  • 8 artificial pitches (Agars 5-8; Dutchmans 5-8) for Senior League, Junior League and School Cricket in inclement weather - Completed
  • Nets on Triangle: Four phase project: 12 nets on Triangle plus remove and extend two Agar’s nets. - Completed 
  • Heavy Roller - Total cost: £20k
  • Upper Club – total square cover  - Total cost: £10k
  • Upgrade of Upper Club scoreboard  - Total cost: £10k
Minor projects – annual rolling schemes:
  • Sightscreens for Agars, Dutchmans, Mespots @ £5k p.a.
  • Sheet covers for Agars,Dutchmans @ £2k p.a.
  • Summer Half groundstaff supplement £10k p.a.
  • Net cage – 1 per year (£5k p.a.) 
  • Junior Cricket professional(s) (Summer Half) @ £4k p.a.


Giving Back

Every gift matters. Regular donations can add up quickly and benefit from favourable tax treatment. The 1440 Society, recognising donors of £100 a month (or an annual equivalent) is a case in point. 

Contact us

Development Office
Eton College
Tel: 01753 671340
Fax: 01753 671183

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