The Eton Day

You’ll need to wake up at about 7.30am every weekday (8.30am on Sundays) to give yourself time to wash and dress before breakfast.

After breakfast you have about twenty minutes before Chapel at 8.35am (10.30am most Sundays): time to make your bed, to see if you have any e-mails, to see your house master or dame if necessary, and to organize yourself for the first three schools of the morning.

The weekly morning timetable runs as follows:

09.00–09.40 1st school
09.50–10.30 2nd school
10.40–11.20 3rd school
11.20 Chambers
11.45–12.25 4th school
12.35–13.15 5th school (but a free period on Saturdays)
13.25 Boys’ Dinner

You go back to your house after the first three schools for Chambers (elevenses) and to organize yourself for the last two schools of the morning.

What happens after boys’ dinner depends on which day of the week it is and on which half it is. It’s too complicated to explain here: you’ll find out when you arrive.

Supper is at about 7.40pm followed by house prayers at about 8.20pm.

Between house prayers and lights out (9.30pm for F block) you have time to finish off your work for the following day, to have a bath or a shower. This is also the time when your house master or dame is likely to drop in to have a chat.