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Tours & Outside Concerts

College Chapel Choir goes on a two-week tour, usually abroad, every Easter holidays. A list of recent tours is shown below.

2003 Germany (Saarbrücken, Trier)
2004 USA (Washington, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Jacksonville)
2005 Australia & New Zealand (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Rotorua, Auckland)
2006 Japan (Okayama, Nagoya, Kumamoto, Tokyo)
2007 USA (Denver, Wichita, Boise, Princeton, New York)
2008 Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow)
2009 South Africa (Drakensberg Choir School, Pretoria, Soweto, Cape Town)
2010 Japan (Nagasaki, Tokyo, Kaiyo Academy)
2011 America (Boston, Harvard, New York, Princeton, Washington)
2012 China (Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Changzhou, Shanghai)
2013 Japan (Ishinomaki, Matsushima, Nagoya, Tokyo)

The Choir’s repertoire is extensive, incorporating music from the 15th-century Eton Choirbook to the work of major modern composers such as Arvo Pärt. A boy organist comes on every tour to accompany the choir and to play organ solos.

The choir has made a number of recordings. Click here for details.

The choir and chamber orchestra also give occasional concerts and recitals outside the school when the demands of the academic and musical timetables permit. A list of recent engagements is shown below.

2003 Chamber Music concert in the Vicars’ Hall, Windsor Castle
2003 Big Band, Choir, Brass, Wind & Chamber Ensembles concert for Multiple Sclerosis at Narden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead
2003 Chamber Orchestra & Choir Christmas concert for Fairbridge at St John’s, Smith Square
2004 Chamber Orchestra concert for the Peper Harrow Foundation in Middle Temple Hall
2004 Choir and Chamber Ensemble concert in aid of the restoration of Boveney church by the Friends of Friendless Churches
2005 & 2008 Carol Service at St Luke’s Chelsea for the Alice Martineau Appeal for Cystic Fibrosis
2006 Choir, Brass Ensemble & Close-harmony Group Christmas Concert for Fairbridge at St James’s Piccadilly
2007 Choir & Recorder Consort Concert for Addaction at Grosvenor Chapel
2009 Choir Christmas Concert for Fairbridge at St. Paul's Knightsbridge
2010 Choir with James Bowman Concert for The Voices Foundation, St. Paul's Covent Garden
2011 Choir Christmas Concert for The Children's Trust at Grosvenor Chapel