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School and Independent Plays - Michaelmas 2013-Summer 2014

What's On At The Theatre?

F Block Stage Crew Demonstration

Friday 13th September  Farrer Theatre 5.20

The Theatre’s capacity is revealed by the Farrer crew in a demonstration which culminates with a stunning light show.


The School Play Festival - a festival of new writing by boys and masters


by Jez Butterworth

Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th 20:15 and Saturday 12th 17:30  Farrer Theatre

Arguably the most exciting new British play of the decade, playing to acclaim in the West End and Broadway. It chronicles the adventures of middle-aged gypsy rebel Johnny Byron, host of drug and booze-fuelled raves for the local teenage population at his woodland mobile home, in defiance of the politically correct local authorities. It is both sad and funny, and has adult themes and strong language throughout. Not suitable for young children. Directed by ACDG-C

The Match Game


Jack Clover

Thursday 10th 17:30, Friday 11th 20:15 and Saturday 12th 20:30  Rehearsal Room

In a state-controlled program, young singles are trapped in a speed-dating-cycle of mornings-after. Waking up next to a stranger, they have 24 hours together before they must decide whether or not to spend the rest of their lives with the other: Yes or No - all or nothing. Directed by Jack Clover

The Telfer Goldmine


Patrick and Hugo McPherson

Thursday 10th 17:30, Saturday 12th 20:30 and Sunday 13th 17:30  Empty Space

On an ambitious road trip across the Australian desert, three friends find a dead man, his pockets full of gold. Driven by greed, they decide to venture to a nearby mine in the hope of finding more gold. But in this gripping black comedy the allure of wealth becomes stronger, and the vicious Australian heat plays tricks on their minds. Directed by KCM

Grace of the Gods


Jack Eastwood and Alex Groes with additional material devised by the cast

Thursday 10th 20:15, Saturday 12th 17:30 and Sunday 13th 20:15  Empty Space

This new political play focuses on Charis. As Minister of Culture, he is a man who has it all: wealth, power, and popularity. But when he loses his money, his friends desert him, and his downfall into poverty and misanthropy signals not only the end of his political career, but perhaps even the collapse of his homeland, Greece. An exciting and original satire where we learn that good intentions don't always lead to good actions. Directed by JNH, Directer in Residence

Going Down


Carlo Francis, Ned Dunne and JEF

Wednesday 9th, Friday 11th  20:15 and Saturday 12th 19:00  Caccia Studio

Imagine if a major football club like a Liverpool or a Tottenham were relegated from the premiership. This comedy of character and coincidence tells the tale from the view of both the subs’ bench and the directors’ box. Directed by JEF




Thursday 10th, Friday 11th and Sunday 13th 20:15  Lower School

Robert and Francis are bedfellows: they study, work together, and live together at Eton during the English Civil War. As the lines of war are drawn, the boys are on opposite sides, so must learn what it truly means to “look after your bedfellows”. Please note that this is a site-specific piece of theatre: the audience will have to move around, stand, or sit on less than comfortable benches. Directed by Joshua McTaggart

The Exam


Andy Hamilton

Absurd Person Singular


Alan Ayckbourn

Thursday 31st October-Saturday 2nd November  Caccia Studio 8.15

The Exam: three very different sixteen-year-olds prepare for an exam re-take and cope with self-doubt, incompetent teachers and disastrous parenting. And then there is the sadistic evil genius of The Exam itself with which to do battle.
Absurd Person Singular: the funniest play about despair and suicidal tendencies ever written.  In this masterpiece of dramatic irony a woman tries every means available to kill herself but her cocktail party guests are oblivious to her real intent and thwart her at every turn. MGHM House Play, directed by NCH

Tristan and Yseult


Carl Grose & Anna Maria Murphy

Thursday 7th – Saturday 9th November  Farrer Theatre 8.15

This is the original tale of forbidden desires, broken hearts and the agony of choosing one human being over another told with an exciting modern twist. Seen through the eyes of the 'Unloved', Tristan & Yseult blends comedy, live music, grand passion and tender truths, in a highly dynamic, irresistible night of love. RS House Play, adapted and directed by RGS

Osama the Hero


Dennis Kelly

Monday 11th - Wednesday 13th November  Empty Space 8.15

When Gary is asked to write about a contemporary hero, he chooses Osama Bin Laden hoping to provoke debate but instead he is vilified by his classmates: accusations fly, and matters spiral out of control. Independent Play, directed by Niko Stojanovic

A Few Good Men


Aaron Sorkin

Wednesday 20th - Friday 22nd November  Caccia Studio 8.15

Can you handle the Truth? This tense courtroom drama was a major motion picture with Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson. It revolves around the court martial of two U.S. Marines charged with the murder of a fellow Marine, and the tribulations of their lawyers as they prepare a case to defend their clients. MJP House Play, directed by JPB

The Greek Myths


GCSE Drama students

Sunday 24th November  Empty Space 8.15

An evening of whacky and inventive physical theatre devised by GCSE Drama students: the Greek myths as you’ve never seen them before! Devised by the boys, assisted by RGS, assisted by JNH

A Christmas Carol


Charles Dickens

Wednesday 27th - Friday 29th November  Farrer Theatre 8.15

Ignite the Christmas spirit with this seasonal classic. The bitter and miserly Ebenezer Scrooge undergoes an ideological, ethical, and emotional transformation resulting from supernatural visits from Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. This spellbinding tale has been credited with restoring the holiday to one of merriment and festivity in Britain. It is the perfect time of year to revel in the magic and join in the carols. MAG House Play, directed by PB


Lent 2014


The Visit


Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th January  Caccia Studio 8.15

An older woman who became rich over her life returns to the town of her youth with a dreadful bargain: She wants the townspeople to kill the man who jilted her in exchange for enough money to revitalise the town. It is terrifying, touching and hilarious. AMM House Play, directed by JNH, Director in Residence



Lucy Prebble

Tuesday 28th - Thursday 30th January  Caccia Studio 8.15

Award winning Lucy Prebble’s virile combination of political satire, multi-media spectacle and physical movement explores the world's biggest corporate scandal. Discover the true power of greed and its ability to crush a conscience. Independent Play, directed by Jack Parham KS

Little Shop of Horrors


Howard Ashman and Alan Menken

Thursday 6th - Saturday 8th February  Farrer Theatre 8.15

On the twenty-first day of September a terrifying enemy surfaced – as such enemies often do – in the most unlikely of places. What horrifying truth lies behind the sudden and mysterious success of a failing business on America’s Skid Row, making its timid and downtrodden employee an overnight sensation and media star? To what depths will people sink to get their heart’s desire? BE WARNED: a live ten-piece band, coupled with impossibly catchy tunes that will haunt you for days, will make this an unforgettable night. Suitable for all. SAL House Play, directed by AP

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime


Constance Cox

Monday 10th - Wednesday 12th February  Caccia Studio 8.15

An Hilarious thriller-farce based on a short story by Oscar Wilde. Lord Arthur Savile - a well-bred gentleman ‘not overburdened with brains’ - is blissfully engaged to the lovely Sybil, but everything changes after a fateful encounter with a palm reader. Huge fun for all the family. JRBS House Play, directed by ACDG-C

AS Drama Play

Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th February  Empty Space 8.15

AS Drama students perform in an exciting piece of contemporary theatre. Directed by RGS



Peter Morgan

Thursday 6th - Saturday 8th March  Caccia Studio 8.15

A dramatic retelling of the post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost
and former president Richard Nixon ASR House Play, directed by PB

House Drama Competition

Thursday 20th - Saturday 22nd March  Caccia Studio 8.15

Four excerpts or short plays directed by boys, and judged on Saturday night by a celebrity from the world of theatre. Master i/c JPB

GCSE Drama Play

Sunday 23rd - Monday 24th March  Empty Space 8.15

GCSE drama students perform in a scripted piece. Directed by RGS; assisted by JNH, Director in


Summer 2014


The School Play

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


William Shakespeare

Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd May  Farrer Theatre 8.15

If you go down to the woods tonight, you’re sure of a big surprise. Shakespeare’s play of love, desire and regeneration is translated to a glittering jazz-age fairy land. With an original score by Tom Recknell OE, arranged by NDG, movement by RGS and Neil Fisher, and directed by H-EO

A2 Drama Devised Play

Monday 12th - Tuesday 13th May  Empty Space 8.15

A2 Drama students devise a piece of original theatre. Guided by RGS


The Lower Boy Play

devised and created by

Joe Hancock & the company

Thursday 12th - Saturday 14th June  Caccia Studio 8.15

The Lower boys present this hilarious and deeply moving examination of the loss of young life in
World War I, featuring live music. This is an exciting piece of theatre to commemorate the centenary of the Great War. Directed by JNH, Director in Residence


H-E.O., September 2013