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Cricket – Summer Half Report 

In a cricket season blessed by good weather, all the 21 sides in the school have performed well. The XXII have been particularly strong, and T1 have made vast strides towards consistent confident play. 35 boys qualified for Mr Gillam's dinner for centurions and five-wicket takers, a record number. Such a good level of performance reflects the boys' commitment to the game, the enthusiasm and expertise of the 40-strong group of Masters who make up the cricket club, and the remarkable debut season of our new pro, Tim Roberts, who has been unstinting, ubiquitous and very,very good.

That RDO-C's won both House competitions is worthy of mention, as is the record of the XI, who won at Lord's (with a marvellous century for Armaan Treon (JMOB), are leading the Cowdrey Cup and about to attack the Silk Trophy with confidence and faith in their game.  We are also very much looking forward to our tour to Sri Lanka in December and January.