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English Language and Cultural Course for Students from Korea.

This is a new course designed by Eton College, and allows up to 40 boys from Korean high schools the opportunity to study English at the College and experience eighteen days of English culture.
The course has been designed to give students about 60 hours of Classroom / Worksheet Diary and Drama tuition in English. A specially designed program by our “Director of Studies” of linguistic and cultural material is used to help students develop their skills in English. Lessons and Drama sessions aim to develop good communication skills and by the end of the course students will be able to take part in a conversation.

Students are tested at the beginning and the end of the teaching program and certificates are issued on the successful completion of the course, together with a report on each individual. A wide variety of out-of-class activities complements the teaching in the classroom.

A key aim of the course is to give an insight into the British Culture and way of life. Students visit various places (e.g. London Museum’s, Syon House, The Cotswolds, Windsor Castle, Oxford University, Stonehenge & Salisbury and Hampton Court Palace). The excursions are used as a basis for the teaching program. Diary sessions are an integral part of the course and allow students to develop their writing skills in the context of their cultural experience.

The course will be run by Eton Staff who will be assisted by a number of Old Etonians who will act as Tutors and mentors to the students.

Please email for further information.