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Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Music Scholarship

In 2012 the Trustees of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation agreed to finance a new 6th form music scholarship aimed specifically at musically talented boys from families who cannot afford the school fees and who pass the Eton bursary application process. The Foundation aims to support muscially talented students from families who would not otherwise have the opportunity to further their education without financial assistance.

The first of these Scholarships, which will cover up to 100% of the school fees, was awarded for entry to Eton in September 2012.

The scholarship will be awarded to a boy who has been educated to date in the UK maintained sector and is a musical high-flyer, with the personality to adapt successfully to the life of a boarding community. He will have a track record as an outstanding instrumentalist or singer (as a rough guide - grade 8 or above) and be willing to participate in the musical life of the school by joining instrumental ensembles or choirs.

Scholarship applicants will be required to demonstrate advanced musical ability as well as financial need. Musical ability will determined through a practical audition which will take place in November. The audition will involve:

  • Performance of 2 contrasting pieces on first instrument/voice
  • Performance on 2nd instrument (of offered)
  • Sight-reading or other tests relevant to genre (Jazz musicians may be asked to improvise above a given chord sequence for example)
  • Aural tests

Financial need is determined by a formal application to the school which ensures candidate families meet the strict eligibility requirements. Please note that candidates who do not meet these requirements may still be eligible for the Sixth Form Scholarship linked to outstanding musical ability.

In addition applicants must be able to meet the school's academic requirements for entry to the sixth form (at least 6 A grades at GCSE or equivalent and be comfortable pursuing academic courses along with their music.

Those wishing to be considered for the scholarship should apply through the normal Sixth Form Scholarship application process, completing the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship section as part of their application.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Music Scholarship Prospectus and the Sixth Form Scholarship application form Is available to download from early September until the application deadline. For further details please contact the Admissions Office.