MCM Drama Award

The MCM Drama Award can be granted to a boy applying for an Orwell Award who is passionate about the theatre arts, with the personality to adapt successfully to the life of a boarding community.

You should be willing to commit yourself to engage wholeheartedly in the dramatic life of the school. For instance, by auditioning for all the school and House plays you can, working backstage, sitting in on rehearsals and writing for the School Play Festival. It is not only open to actors and aspiring directors, but for anyone who feels drawn to work in any aspect of the theatre and gain more experience.

Those wishing to be considered for the award should apply through the normal Orwell Award application process, completing the MCM Drama Award section as part of their application

You can read more about the MCM Drama Award here.


All boys will have an interview with the Director of Drama/Head of Theatre Studies.

Actors will be asked to perform two pieces at interview. Each piece should last between 2-4 minutes. One will be from Elizabethan or Jacobean Drama. The other can be from any other period, but should form a contrast to the first piece.

Technicians should be willing to make a presentation of their skill, which might involve a lighting, sound or set design in a particular play, which they must specify before interview.

All candidates will be asked to select a play (to be specified before interview) and discuss their ideas for staging the piece. Some comment on period, design, costume, stage configuration and casting ideas will be expected along with their own interpretation.

A portfolio of their theatre involvement would be a useful aid at interview.

For further information, please contact the Admissions Office.