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The Michaelmas Half

The major sports in the Michaelmas are Association and Rugby Football: your house master will ask you to choose one or the other.

Whichever you choose, the first few afternoons of the half will be devoted to trials.

If you have chosen football (i.e. Association Football), you may find yourself in one of the School teams, which will mean team practices several days a week and matches on Tuesdays (sometimes) and Saturdays (almost always). The rest of those who have chosen football will still be put into teams and may be promoted to the School teams.

If you have chosen rugby, you will almost certainly be in a School team (Yearlings A, B, C, D, E, etc), with coaching several days a week and matches almost every Saturday. The House Rugby Sevens also take place in the Michaelmas Half.

For the first six weeks of the half, one afternoon a week is devoted to minor sports. Every boy in F makes a selection from a long list (beagling, fencing, rackets, fives, squash, hockey, cross country, water polo, climbing, martial arts, badminton, basketball, .22 shooting,  table tennis, the Wall Game) and spends three afternoons being introduced to one, three afternoons to another.

Later in the half, there is a junior house football knockout competition, in which the rugby players can participate if selected.

Another major event in the latter part of the half is the new boy fives competition. About a quarter of the block learn how to play fives on those six Wednesday afternoons, and many others come to Fives Club at 5.20 on half-holiday afternoons. The result is a huge entry of about 160 boys and a splendid competition extending over several weeks.