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Eton is divided into five blocks, in each of which a boy spends a year. You will be joining F block: you will be an F-blocker.

All schools last for 40 minutes.

In F Block

  • Every boy studies English and mathematics throughout the first three years, and takes GCSE examinations at the end of the third year (D) in English language, English literature and mathematics.
  • Every boy in F studies the three principal branches of science - biology, chemistry, physics.
  • Every boy takes at least two modern languages chosen from French, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Spanish.
  • Every boy studies Latin for at least one year; many choose to study Greek as well. Both may be continued to GCSE in E and D. Some study Greek as complete beginners. Boys who study Greek take half as much of the six MADPID subjects (music, art, design, PE, ICT and drama) during their first year.
  • Divinity, history and geography are also studied in the first year; many boys also continue one or more of these subjects to GCSE in E and D.
  • A range of practical and creative subjects - MADPID (music, art, design, PE, ICT and drama) – are studied on a rolling programme; you do not study all of them all the time, but you will cover all of them in your first year in the school.
  • Physical Education is an element of the curriculum through F, E and D. Individual skills are developed in F block, whilst in E and D boys focus on group skills such as tactics and leadership.
  • Boys may choose to study Mandarin Chinese or Arabic outside the main timetable.

In addition you meet your tutor each week, and have the occasional block lecture.

Your division masters (i.e. teachers) will set you extra work (EW) to do out of school (i.e. prep). An Etonian is expected to organize his EW for himself — there are no supervised EW sessions, although there are times of the day when your house master will expect you to settle down to work in your room.

If you do good work your division master will give you a ‘show-up’, and if you do work that is unworthy of you he will give you a ‘rip’; in either case, you take the work to your house master and tutor and they sign it.

There will be trials (i.e. school examinations) at the end of your first half.

Looking further ahead, you will take GCSE examinations in your third year (D block). Your final two years in the school are devoted to A-level work.