Filming Hamlet

Hamlet was originally planned to open as the Summer school play in 2020 but just before the first run through the school shut down because of Covid. As time went on and we were leaving lockdown, we decided that altering the play into a film version would be a way of both sharing the boy’s work and learning more about film. We were probably the first production outside one or two professional projects to begin filming in September – directed by RSH and with the film maker in residence CEB as Director of photography and editor. We recorded it with together with a student camera crew in the Farrer theatre so we could ensure the environment was safe. Half way through filming Covid struck again and many actors were sent home but the film continued using body doubles and creative editing. We are now delighted to have the full version available to share.

Toby, Year 13, interviewed Hamlet’s Director Scott Handy, to find out more about the unexpected transition of Hamlet from stage to screen.  Read the full interview here.

One of the blessings of this period has been witnessing how creative and inventive students are. It was actually a really joyful and surprising experience. To do something new was really invigorating for all of us.

Scott Handy, Director

Watch the full film…