On an unfavourable day for long distance running, boys and beaks came onto the fields for the annual steeplechase last week. There was a spring in the step of many runners, having finished their last end-of-term exam, and it was an enthralling event for those who braved the challenge of struggling through the combined elements of mud, wind and driving rain.

The junior boys were the first to set off at 2:15pm, with the seniors and intermediates following soon after. JMO’B took a fair share of the spoils, with victory in both the juniors (J. Barnes) and the intermediates (Hinchliffe), the former achieving a new course record of only 14 minutes and 35 seconds. NPTL and PGW also had a strong showing, with two PGW boys claiming first and second prize. Congratulations to Smith and Rennie respectively.

Spectators at the finish were treated with riotous dashes to the line as well as some amusing running gear, including the ensemble modelled by the Conduct Revd. Gray! It proved an enjoyable event both for those taking part and in attendance, and it was a great note on which finished a long but fruitful half at Eton.