Thursday evening’s Infusions Society meeting gave a really fascinating insight into Japanese tea, given by Tom Price and Laura Ulyatt of Jing Tea. We were reminded of the difference between green teas and able to taste sencha, gyokuro and macha and to understand what it is that makes their taste profiles so different. We were extremely impressed by the complex depth of flavour in the teas, though we could not agree on our favourite.

We learnt about the way in which Jing have developed their client base and even the way tea is presented to its customers. There is a growing renaissance in tea and its appreciation and Jing are keen to educate palates and change the one dimensional view that many Brits still tend to have about tea. We were introduced to innovative ways of making macha, for example. Tom and Laura were able to give us a flavour not just of the tea itself, but also the excitement and challenges of working in tea. It was a thoroughly memorable evening, enjoyable and informative in equal measure.