On Thursday 15th November the Entrepreneurship Society welcomed Paul Collins, founder of StickSports, the company behind the games Stick Cricket and Stick Tennis among others. His talk highlighted how an entrepreneur must be adaptable and make use of the fact that we don’t live in a vacuum. He explained the importance of pivoting and his ability in one situation to completely reconfigure one of his business’ service structure in the space of an afternoon following an unsuccessful meeting – but learning from it – underlined this point. None of what ensued could have happened otherwise. The talk ended on an interesting note concerning the future involving Blockchain. For his company the key comparison elucidating its possible economic impact is that no one thought game producers would ever sell their games for free but now with hindsight the freemium model and free games have been the most successful games in the gaming market. No one knows yet what the effects of Blockchain will be but it could likely be rather similar. The talk was held in the Jafar Hall with an audience of around 40 students and marks the end of meetings for the half for the Entrepreneurship Society.

Morrison Cleaver