In its 42nd year, the Eton College Community Fair once more successfully took place on the 24th September. The fair is, in essence, a sprawling street party in aid of charitable causes and the bustling atmosphere around the packed alleyways of Eton proved, once again, that this event is not only an effective fundraiser, but also a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

At the heart of the Fair lies the sheer variety and diversity of the boys’ stalls. With the raffles and food stalls came more adventurous endeavours, such as the plate-smashing challenge that was given a political twist. The perennial Windsor to Eton crawl seemed especially torturous this year; one can only hope the pain etched into the faces of the participants was worth it! Besides playing a crucial role in creating the upbeat atmosphere of the fair, these stalls do raise a great deal of money, which is passed on to charities chosen by the boys. This year, Eton Action raised over £39,000 from the fair for six charities: The Passage, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Marie Curie Cancer, NSPCC, Space for Giants and the Ugandan Charity Trust Fund.

In addition to this, many other stallholders, representing local and national charities, raised thousands more for other worthy causes, while what must be one of the largest jumble sales in the country was once again a roaring success in School Hall. There were also local businesses holding stalls at the fair, the fees from whom were also added to the final total raised. The Eton Action Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fair and they look forward to next year’s event.

Henry Wyard and Max Vaughan

Photos by Alex Kintzer