Last week, Eton’s swimmers competed in The Bath Cup, held in the London Aquatics Centre where they achieved a place in the final of the 4 x 50m medley. 

Ethan W, Nico SF, Nathanial Z and George S achieved an admirable long course time of 1:56:82 to qualify as 9th in the 4×50 medley competition involving 74 schools. This is our best result in the competition to date, Eton having never qualified for the final before. It is only the top 10 teams who make it through to the final stage of the competition. 

The final, however, proved to be challenging as we came just short, achieving a time of 1:57:94 which put them in a comfortable 10th place with Nico SF swimming an impressive 29:62 backstroke and Nathaniel Z achieving a 27:25 in the fly leg.

The 4×100 freestyle team consisting of Nathaniel Z. Tobi O, Ethan W and Nico SF came 21st out of 73 schools in an extremely competitive race where the winners recorded a championship record, posting a 3:31:45. Eton, however, recorded a very respectable 3:57:54. 

Speaking to Nico SF, is clear the School has invested heavily in swimming in recent times, as he notes four years ago, when he was in Year 9, there were only six swimmers, compared to the 20 there are today. He says that the fact that Eton, a school without sports scholarships, can compete against the top sporting schools in the country shows the improvements made. Nico SF believes that this has been enhanced further by the opening of Athens, our new sports hall and swimming pool. He went on to say that this is just the beginning of Eton’s swimming success and that he hopes more boys will take it up as it is one of the most accessible sports at the School.

It was a great day of racing for the boys who should feel proud of representing the School.