On Friday 8th February, Eton hosted a non-fiction writing workshop organised by the Orwell Youth Prize, attended by many sixth-form students from the surrounding schools as well as a handful of C Blockers. Having been asked to prepare an article on inequality, we were split into small groups and asked to discuss the day’s theme, which was “A Fair Society?”. This would be the name of the prize essay many of the participants would be working towards. With many group activities, as well as readings from Orwell’s non-fiction works, as well as the journalist Laurence Blair, the day was not only an opportunity to learn more about the techniques used in non-fiction writing and journalism, but also to learn more about the world, and the disadvantaged people living in it, from many different perspectives. Furthermore, it was a very useful tool for those wishing to write in more ways than just the prize. We were given tips, tricks, and insight into how to get started with writing non-fiction, from the choice of form to how to research, as well as being able to unpick the journalistic process of an experienced and successful journalist. There were opportunities for questions, and by the end of the workshop, we all felt far more comfortable and confident about writing non-fiction.

Fabian Pountney