The Medical and Wellington Societies: Captain Tim Fell OE

Wednesday, 7th November 2012

The Medical and Wellington Societies staged a joint meeting to host Captain Tim Fell OE, who spoke very insightfully about life as an army doctor. Tim started as an undergraduate medic at Trinity College, Cambridge and later completed his clinical studies at New College, Oxford. After completing his junior doctor residency in 2010 he started training as a general duties medical officer with the Royal Army Medical Corps. In September 2011 he was deployed to serve in Afghanistan.

Throughout the meeting Captain Fell kept the audience engaged and interested as he talked about some of the risks involved with working in the army and about his daily routine. In particular he spoke about the advantages of an army medical career track and the flexibility it offered compared to a typical NHS career. He finished by showing the society a couple of videos set in Afghanistan, which highlighted graphically some of the dangers involved with working in a war zone.

The turnout was exceptionally large with around 180 students from 10 different schools attending the meeting. Judging by the questions asked everyone had learned a lot and this exciting talk will definitely go down as one of the highlights of the Half.

Ollie Stubbs (TEJN)