An aura of excitement and anticipation filled School Hall. Alive with activity, 12 contestants from PAH, PEPW and College took their seats for the assembly everyone had been waiting for since the start of the academic year: the final of the School Hall Challenge.

Before its commencement, the Quiz Master, Max Chichester (NA), took the time to announce this year’s presenter of the Cup, Mr Nolan, Deputy Head (C-Curricular).

PEPW, Mr Nolan’s former House, started well. So well, in fact, that at one point they held a score of 65 points in contrast to PAH who had 0 points and College whose total stood at 5 points. Yet, no one could predict what would happen next…

In an unlikely turn of events, Hector Hughes scored the first points for PAH and a comeback started to look possible. Point after point was scored by PAH who were clearly getting into their stride and catching PEPW; meanwhile, College were struggling. With no further points scored after 10 minutes into the competition, it looked bleak for the Collegers. It remained that way with only a single ‘Starter for 10’ and they obtained very few points after that.

Nearing the end of the final, PAH soared through to take the lead from PEPW. PAH finished victorious with a well-deserved win and a score of almost double PEPW’s point tally, who came second, and the unfortunate team of Collegers finishing some way back in third place.

With the School Hall Challenge season now concluded, we would like to thank the School Hall Assembly Committee for organising the tournament. Until next year's competition…

Nathan Swidler (NCWS)