Simeon Society Mr Rory Graham-Watson on the line ‘Hallowed be thy name’

Rory Graham-Watson OE (currently studying History at Trinity College, Cambridge) came to talk at the Simeon Society on the second line of the Lord’s Prayer, ‘Hallowed be thy name’ .

He described the Hebrew name for the creator God, ‘Elohim’, which is loosely translated as ‘holy one’. This ‘set-apartness’ that God has from humans highlights the reverence with which the name should be approached. An analogy in the everyday world might be found in the reverence for the name of Cantona in the stands of Old Trafford.

A second name of God is one equally important in the Christian faith and it is ‘Saviour’. In saying this name the Christian should acknowledge the fact that they have been saved through Jesus dying as propitiation for human sin.

Rory gave a clear and interesting talk at a well attended meeting and the society looks forward to having him speak again in the future.

Monty Lyman OS (JMG)