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The Modern Languages Society

The Modern Languages Society: Marco Gambino on the art of seduction

The Modern Languages Society was delighted to host Marco Gambino, the mirror-loving actor, mafia enthusiast and self-proclaimed "master of flirting". After having briefly introduced the (unexpectedly large) audience to his initial interest in the mafia (originally coming from Sicily and modelling for a book on Mafia hand gestures), Mr Gambino spoke about the oft-overlooked link between hand gestures, body language and flirting.  English men and women tend to be more introvert than Italians, he claimed, and what Eton needed was a lesson on how to secure a date with your ideal girl (at which point an over- excited Will Harman (NJR) fell off and broke the desk he was sat on).

Having demonstrated his own walking and stationary versions of what he calls 'The Hunt' (moves that could almost always guarantee the attention and affection of your desired girl), Mr Gambino invited the audience to offer their own personal favourite seductive moves. These were beautifully demonstrated by none other than Maxi Ducam-Davies (MAG) and Jack Straker (IH(: the perfect choice of models for such a delicate task. Maintaining eye contact is essential to securing a date, Mr Gambino reassured us, while talking is apparently off the menu: this is to be done by the girl herself and should not be attempted by anyone but a “master flirt”.

Perhaps verging on chauvinist at times, it was a talk that kept the audience thoroughly entertained and will no doubt have an impact on the success of chat-up lines and love lives of many Etonians, for years to come.

Franck Brown (DMG)

DATE POSTED: 15 January 2009

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