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John Langran on teaching and learning Russian

This week the Slavonic Society was privileged to present Mr John Langran, writer, editor and publisher of the ‘Ruslan’ textbooks. A much anticipated meeting, Mr Langran spoke extensively about the nuances of learning Russian. In particular, he focused on the easy linguistic mistakes one can make, highlighting an especially amusing incident involving the Russian translation of ‘boxwood’ not to mention another translation involving the English ‘pub’! We were also reminded of the planning process in creating ‘Ruslan’ and it was suggested that the ‘easy’ bits should come first... as in any language. The meeting was another great success and the evening was very enjoyable, with several of the fifty or so gathered going up to get their ‘Ruslan’ books signed!

Franck Brown (DMG) and Alex Kohen ME (ITB)


DATE POSTED: 04 February 2009

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