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Eton v Chigwell

Eton v Chigwell -
3rd Round of the Rensburg Sheppards U15 ISFA Cup.

Match report:
This was the second time these two sides have met this season.  Just before half term Eton recorded a 2 - 1 victory away at Chigwell so both sides knew a little bit about each other.  However, Chigwell had an ace up their sleeve - Darren McQueen who plays for Tottenham who doesn't get the call up on weekends but occasionally they unleash him so we were unsure just how good this chap was going to be.
Tom Pearson of Eton (sky blue) hopefully about to win the ball against Chigwell's best player, Darren McQueen

The game started and was fairly even, although Eton seemed to have a little bit more possession.  After about 10 minutes, the two Eton strikers played a nice one-two on the edge of the box and Bertie Collins slotted the first goal and Eton went 1 - 0 up.  Chigwell claimed off-side but the referee, Rob Lewis, a Slough policeman was unmoved and awarded the goal.  Chigwell were rocked a little and soon Eton were breaking again.  Bertie Collins was released through and nipped the ball past the last defender who brought him down inside the box.  Penalty.  Arthur Mancroft stepped up and slotted it past the keeper.  2 - 0 just before half time.
Eton captain, Du'aine Davis (DMG)  bosing the midfield
After half time Chigwell, as expected, came flying out of the traps, playing with a really attacking formation.  Eton kept pushing for a third goal and Chigwell played a ball through the middle.  It should have been cleared but Darren McQueen latched on to it and coolly slotted the ball past the Eton goalie, James Warrington.  2 - 1 - game on!
Chigwell kept coming and Eton kept breaking their attacks down.  In particular, Tom Pearson playing at centre half played magnificently.  He dominated everything in the air, and along with the remaining defenders, limited Chigwell's opportunities.  In midfield, Du'aine Davis and Charlie Courtenay negated most of the oppositions play and they moved the ball quickly wide or sometimes through the middle, where Alastair Lyon kept making himself available and created havoc with the Chigwell defence.  

Eton's Alastair Lyon (PJMcK) pulling the trigger for Eton's third goal
in the 5 - 1 win

Almost immediately after Chigwell scored, Eton broke forward, Alastair Lyon picked up a ball on the edge of the box and hammered it into the roof of the goal to score.  Having experienced the final last year (playing up a year) he knows what this competition is all about and he was hungry to see Eton make the next round draw. 
Eton's next was rather soft - although Arthur Mancroft will claim he meant it.  He scored directly from a corner, the Chigwell keeper and man on the near post seemed to both hesitate and the ball rather apologetically crept in between them.  4 - 1 and Eton started to relax.  Chigwell kept trying to play but with time running out and Eton's tails up, the game had finally drifted away from them.  To cap it all, Riccardo Codacci-Pisanelli pulled off the right wing to drive a cross/shot into the roof of the net and to seal the Eton victory.  Alastair Lyon had a curler from 25 yards hit the post, and the keeper made some great saves in the last few minutes as Eton piled forwards to try and score more.
5 - 1 flattered Eton in some ways - or so the Chigwell coach (Mickey Payne) thought - but it was a gutsy, determined Eton performance where everyone performed to the highest level.  At times the football was sublime - great passing and movement - and at other times it was dogged and the Eton players did their best to break down the oppositions attempts to play.  The best player on the pitch was Darren McQueen and it will be interesting to see how far he goes because he was a class apart.  That said, the Eton team wore their hearts on their sleeves today and man for man they did not want to lose this game and it was an inspired performance.
DATE POSTED: 01 December 2009

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