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Captain Doug Beattie MC

The Captain had a slide show of pictures of his most recent campaigns in Afghanistan and these pictures provided the stories and facts that the talk was based on. The points he made varied from how the Afghans ate to what their evening activities entailed; the Captain emphasised that Tuesday nights were his rest day, as the Afghan soldiers liked to engage in activities particular to their culture. He continued to explain what it was like to work with Afghans and gave an alternative view about how Afghans fight. He then moved onto the politics of the region and stressed that Afghanistan is critical to international security; explaining that if Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban a succession of disasters would follow in central Asia, thus undermining global security.

Questions at the end raised issues concerning the future of Afghanistan and what Britain should do in the insurgency. He finished by stressing that Britain must stay in Afghanistan and that more troops are needed there to end the conflict for good.


Anjana Silva (RJM)

DATE POSTED: 24 November 2009

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