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Rous Society

Rous Society
Otis Ferry MFH

The Rous Society met in Lower School on Wednesday 25th November and was lucky to have Otis Ferry speaking. About 50 boys came to hear what Mr Ferry, Master and Huntsman of the South Shropshire Foxhounds and active pro-hunting lobbyist, had to say. Stories about running away from school, raiding the House of Commons, spending four months in prison for a charge which was then dropped and his career in foxhunting so far all went down very well, provoking both laughter and thought alike. The conflict in the countryside between the sports of shooting and hunting was brought up, and Mr Ferry handled all the questions fired at him very well and very honestly. The Rous Society thanks all who came and, of course, Otis Ferry, for driving three hours in order to reach Eton and for giving a fantastic talk.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 20th January in the Marten Library, the speakers being top National Hunt trainer Henrietta Knight, who trained Best Mate to win the Gold Cup three times. She will be accompanied by her husband Terry Biddlecombe, a former champion jockey.


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DATE POSTED: 25 November 2009

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