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The Public Schools Rackets championships continues

 The Public Schools Rackets championships continued as scheduled today in spite of the snow…….

 Jim Dear quarterfinal:

 Courtenay (DMG) lost to Prenn (St Pauls) by two games to one 17/15, 2/15, 3/15.  Prenn was the number 2 seed in this competition and is a tall, rangy player with a powerful serve especially from the left service box.  Courtenay competed well in the first game and his steady game put enough pressure on his opponent to force many errors.  Prenn was hitting lots of balls high into the spectators' gallery and looked nervous and Charlie's consistent play in the rallies was enough to win the first game.  But the balance shifted in the match once Prenn eliminated the careless errors from his game.  Courtenay doesn't yet quite possess the strength of shot or the consistency of technique to really challenge the very best players in his age group and the Pauline player certainly deserved his victory.  Prenn then went on to lose to Duncliffe (Cheltenham) in the semifinal this afternoon.

 Ingledon-Webber semifinal

 Giddins (MAG) beat Vanston (Malvern) by three games to love:  17/16, 15/11, 16/13  Giddins knew that today he had to improve his play considerably to challenge Vanston, the number 2 seed, and this is indeed what he managed to do.  Giddins quickly established a good lead in the first game with some excellent serving and taking the ball early before the backwall.  This enabled him to move his opponent around the court before he could regain his position.  The backhand serve from the right hand service box gained Giddins many cheap points (many were aces) as Vanston struggled to force a powerful return of serve.  Having established a 14/6 lead in the first game there was then a single run of serves from Vanston to get to the set in the game.  The spectators in the gallery knew this would be a critical period in this match and Giddins was able to win the set, again with two great volleyed winners.  The two other games were both close affairs but in truth the result didn’t really look in much doubt.  Vanston played well (and is going to be an excellent rackets player and a dangerous opponent in the years ahead) but today he was the more passive and defensive player and on the Queens court in the latter stages of a competition, this is rarely the winning strategy.   Giddins now plays Maltz (seeded 1) in the final tomorrow.  Maltz is a very good player too and the aggression in the rallies and good length of serve in evidence today will be essential again if Giddins is to compete tomorrow. 

 Do please come to Queens tomorrow to support Giddins if you can.  The final is at 12.15pm on the Old Court, and if you arrive a little earlier you can watch the Jim Dear final at 11am as well:  Bose (Harrow) v Duncliffe (Cheltenham)  The Foster Cup final will be at 1.30pm and the Renny final at 3pm but at time of writing, I can't tell you who these will feature.


DATE POSTED: 18 December 2009

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