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The following Roll of candidates lists alphabetically those boys who have won King’s Scholarships and will enter College in the coming year, together with those who have qualified for the title ‘Oppidan Scholar’. The King’s Scholars-elect are marked with a star.

N.A. Brown, Caldicott
*P.P.H. Buckley, King's College School, Cambridge
*J.M.R. Cheli, Cheltenham College Junior School
*E.C.J. Coke, Cumnor House School (Danehill)
*R. Gan, Summer Fields
E.J. Ghent, Aldro
*W.F.E. Gore, Fulham Preparatory School
*R.K. Gupta, Milbourne Lodge School
*E. Huang, Repton Prep
*D.M. Islam, Milbourne Lodge School
*T.O.B. Knowles, Dragon School
*T.P-E.B. Long, Westminster Under School
*J.S. Menkus, Westminster Under School
*T. Nakade, Home Tutor
*E.I.I. Noble, Challney High School for Boys
*L.P.E. Scott,Summer Fields
G.C.J. Warr,Dragon School
*T.I. Weinberger, Elstree School
M.A. Woernle, Hill House International Junior School


Charles Hetherington, Crompton House School, Oldham
Edward Zhou, Tiffin School, Kingston upon Thames
Delyan Yanev, Verulam School, St. Albans
The Annah Shaw Scholarship is awarded to F.A.S. Young, Summer Fields

The Oppidan Exhibition is awarded to K.E.O. Amaning, Summer Fields.

A.R.M. Little
Head Master
13 May 2011

DATE POSTED: 16 May 2011

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