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Political Society: Simon Heffer on the politics of the economic crisis

Simon Heffer, Associate Editor of the Daily Telegraph, addressed the Political Society, (before an audience of 84 boys and beaks) on the “Political reaction to the economic crisis” before answering questions on a range of topics.

Mr Heffer is strongly opposed to the current adoption of Keynesian economics by the government. His was also strongly critical of the large increase in the money supply in the aftermath of the 1997 election which he sees as one of the key causes of the current economic crisis. However, he made sure to say that many of the causes of the crisis are to be found outside the UK. Mr Heffer advocated the rolling back of the state and the reduction of the size of the public sector. He criticised the Labour government for creating 750,000 public sector jobs since 1997 many of which he believes do little good for the economy.

Mr Heffer was also critical of David Cameron. He accused him of being a PR man and by trying to win the next election by saying nothing and offering no policies which could upset the electorate. Mr Heffer believes that David Cameron and George Osborne should have offered an alternative to the government’s economic strategy last autumn.

One of the most interesting predictions of the night was that Gordon Brown should call an election at the beginning of this summer if he is to have any hope of winning it. If there is an election this summer Mr Heffer predicts a hung Parliament. However, if Gordon Brown does not call an election this summer then there will be little chance of a Labour victory.

We would like to thank Mr Heffer for giving us with such an interesting and thought-provoking evening.

Richard Cripps (RJM)

DATE POSTED: 14 January 2009

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