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Shackleton Society

Shackleton Society:
Rosie Swale-Pope 

The Shackleton Society was very privileged to have Rosie Swale-Pope come to speak on her 5 year run around the world.  She gave a background as to her motivation for the run: principally the loss of her husband to prostate cancer and to raise awareness for testing and prevention of prostate cancer.  Having illustrated her chosen route, Rosie then vividly described some of the many stories she had collected from her training and final run.  Having heard tales from London to Alaska, Rosie then answered some of the various questions raised by the audience. Having brought copies of her book, Just a Little Run Around the World,  for sale, there was a signing session after the talk with further, private questioning.

The society was well attended by between 30-40 boys in 6 Cannon Yard.


Theo Scott (PBS)

DATE POSTED: 26 February 2010

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