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Middle Eastern Literary Societies

Middle Eastern Literary Societies:
A Persian Literary Soirée with Mr Bruce Wannell

This evening saw both the Middle Eastern and Literary Societies link up for a joint talk to welcome Bruce Wannell, a widely-respected scholar and point of reference for Persian, Indian and Arab history and literature. Mr. Wannell managed to deliver a most unique talk, in terms of both its approach and content. He guided the audience through various hand-outs of calligraphic artwork, before proceeding to fluently recite some Persian poetry in its original form, followed by discussion and analysis afterwards. His bank of knowledge was quite impressive, allowing for members of the audience to gain differing amounts appropriate to their previous level of understanding of such topics, making it accessible to both the curious F blocker as well as the specialised Classics beak – certainly no mean feat! The school is most fortunate to also be having Mr. Wannell judging the Ibn Battuta essay prize later this year.


Alex Archer OS (AW)


DATE POSTED: 09 February 2010

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