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Medical Society
Dr Jeremy Levy, ‘Advances in Kidney Transplantation’

It’s 1am. You've been working for the last ten hours and are unprepared for the phone call which jogs you awake. A kidney has just become available and will be with you in half an hour. The catch? You have two patients in need of a transplant. This was just one example of the many ethical dilemmas which Dr Levy presented to the Medical Society. Dr Levy is consultant in Renal Medicine at Imperial College and he probed the various issues surrounding modern day transplantation including the viability of an organ market. He discussed innovative ways of finding live donors, including a chain of donors initiated by one altruistic individual who is willing to donate one of his or her kidneys to anyone. We look forward to Dr Levy coming to talk to C block on careers day at the end of the Summer half.

Monty Lyman OS (JMG)




DATE POSTED: 13 May 2011

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